Please understand that smoking inside the shop is prohibited.
Besides, according to the law of Shinjuku ward, smoking outside the shop is also prohibited.

The Health Promotion Law
(statement of passive smoking prevention)
Section II Passive smoking prevention

【Article 25】
The people; who manage school, gym, hospital, theater, stadium, assembly hall, exhibition hall, department store, office, gorvenment facility, restaurants, and other facility with usage of large number of people; have the responsibility to take necessary measurements to prevent passive smoking (inside the room or other place where people have the risk of inhale smoke from tobacco)

Together with the law, our shop takes serious action towards smoking as the consideration for pregnant customer and children. Also, our shop in Kagurazaka belongs to Shinjuku ward where smoking on the street is prohibited, thus smoking outside the shop is also prohibited. The shop is inside the residential areas and the antique wooden house in the neighborhood which is the quiet area. Therefore, please refrain from smoking or talking loud at night or late-night as it will bother others in the neighborhood. Thank you for your cooperation.


Shop name
The Royal Scotsman
1F Tsuchiya building, 3-6-28 Kagurazaka, Shinkuju ward, Tokyo.
3 minute from「Itabashi」station subway
line B3 exit
5 minute from「Itabashi」station JR
line West exit
4 minute from 「Ushigome Kagurazaka」station Oedo line
Openning hours
[Mon・Tue・Thurs・Fri] 17:00~1:00am
[Wed] 17:00~00:00am
Seat numbers
24 seats
Non-smoking or smoking
Non-smoking entire shop